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The LIVAC (Linguistic Variations in Chinese Speech Communities) synchronous corpus is based on news media materials sampled and analyzed regularly and synchronously from six Chinese-speaking communities, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, and Macau. Up to now, the corpus has treated over 500 million Chinese characters of media texts since 1995 and collected 1,500,000 entries in the lexical database, and is still expanding.


The bi-weekly "Celebrity Roster", first launched in January 2001, is a product of the LIVAC project. It is an index of the top 25 celebrities according to media exposure in the Chinese newspapers of Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan, compiled every two weeks and updated on the last Saturdays. The index reflects the communal differences in the orientation of news reports and the hottest topics in politics, economy, sports, and entertainment in the three major Chinese communities. It should be a useful reference source for anyone, from specialists to students, interested in Chinese current affairs and in the cultural and linguistic development of Chinese communities.

Apart from the names of the celebrities (in both Chinese and English), the bi-weekly "Celebrity Roster" includes brief biographical notes on them and hyperlinks to the original news text reporting on them. Their original names in Roman letters or different versions Chinese names in their usual pinyin or romanization are also provided.


Annual Celebrity Roster 2020

An annual "Celebrity Roster" is also produced on the basis of the bi-weekly records for one year from 2000 onward. Apart from the top 25 celebrities appearing in the news media of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing, the common celebrities among the three communities are also highlighted from different perspectives.

The Chinese News Media Celebrity Roster is an innovative and experimental attempt. We appreciate comments and suggestions which would improve the Roster and the associated indices.


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